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ALERT: The Public Administrator of Bronx County is following strategies and measures recommended by the CDC and Public Health Department. Read more at

Message from The Public Administrator

Matilde Sanchez, Esq., Public Administrator

In response to the Coronavirus COVID-19 emergency the New York State Unified Court System has closed to the public. The Bronx County Supreme Court Building where the Bronx Public Administrator has it’s office.

The Bronx County Public Administrator will remain open with a very limited staff on a day to day basis. All calls to The Bronx Public Administrator will be returned as soon as possible.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.


Notice: Pursuant to IRS Guidelines, IRS form 8300 will be issued for all cash transactions totaling more than ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00).


The Public Administrator is a New York City Agency. Each county has a Public Administrator.

The Public Administrator has a legally mandated duty to administer the estate of Bronx residents who have passed away, and where there is no personal representative available to be appointed by the Bronx Surrogate Court, to act as administrator of the estate.

The Public Administrator’s primary duty is to administer estates by conducting a thorough investigation to discover assets collecting and distributing the assets of the deceased person; protect the property from theft or loss; make appropriate burial arrangements; liquidating assets; pay outstanding bills and taxes; and to locate persons entitled to inherit from the estate and ensure that the legal distributes receive their inheritance.


Responsibilities of the | Public Administrator? |

The Public Administrator is a New York City Agency which administers estates of Bronx residents who die and:

  • There is no close family member to act as the administrator,
  • No one is willing to act as the administrator,
  • Surrogate court appoints the Public Administrator to administer an estate



Matilde B. Sanchez, Esq.
Public Administrator


Virna L. Crespo
Deputy Public Administrator


Hugh W. Campbell, Esq.