The Public Administrator is a New York City Agency. Each county has a Public Administrator.

The Public Administrator has a legally mandated duty to administer the estate of Bronx residents who have passed away, and where there is no personal representative available to be appointed by the Bronx Surrogate Court, to act as administrator of the estate.


Responsibilities of the | Public Administrator?

The Public Administrator must conduct an investigation of the decedent’s residence, safe deposit boxes, and storage facilities, to search for names of heirs, assets and important documents which can help to find and secure other assets.
The Public Administrator must protect the assets of the decedent from waste, loss, or theft, for the benefit of the legal heirs and creditors.
The PA must also make burial arrangements when no relative is available to do so

It is the duty of the Public Administrator to make diligent search for a Will and the names and addresses of heirs.

If no Will is found, The Public Administrator must attempt to contact heirs/distributes of the decedent, to determine if they are willing or able, to administer the estate. If there are no heirs or the heirs are unable or unwilling to administer, The Public Administrator may handle the administration of the estate

The Public Administrator must liquidate property taken from estates in order to pay the debts of those estates, and to make proper distribution of remaining funds to proper heirs. Real property, physical property, jewelry, automobiles and boats, etc., are sold at public auctions. The auctions are open to the general public and anyone may participate in the purchase of estate items

Once The Public Administrator of an estate is complete, a judicial accounting must be filed in Bronx Surrogate Court. To inherit, all interested parties, including “alleged” next of kin must be given notice that the accounting was filed in court so that they can prove their relation to the decedent